Tuesday, April 12, 2011


Last Wednesday we went to St. Mary's once again after what seemed like a long time. Since the theme was Dinosaur Train, we played all games which had to do with dinosaurs. However, things didn't run as smoothly as I would have liked. During my game, I had a very hard time keeping the students' attention, so much that their own PE teacher had to step in and tell them to pay listen to my instructions. Once he got their attention, my game went pretty well. I learned a lot after that, for example I should have brought an ipod for music as a cue to start and stop. Also, I should have explained all of the directions of my game before I sent them to their places around the gym. I am glad that this happened though, because it really taught me what not to do next time, and when teaching in my own class. It made me really appreciate that I have the opportunity to go to St. Mary's and learn how to teach young kids! Below are my observations of Lab 4:
Lab Observations

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